About Us

About Us

Your Dependable Locksmith in Tucson AZ

We have been Tucson AZ’s most dependable locksmith company for years already. Homeowners, business owners and car owners alike all trust our locksmith services. Locksmith Tucson AZ unbeatable service and total customer care are the factors why we have long lasting partnerships with our customers. Though we consider ourselves already fulfilled with the loyalty and good words from our customer, we still do not stop from growing and advancing our company and services. We also do not stop from reaching out to more people in Tucson AZ. Our dream is that all people in this town will be more secured and will feel safer with us. We continue to do this by providing great service at very inexpensive prices so anyone can afford the security that they only dream of before. Our customers go to us if they want a key duplicated, safe to be opened, doors to be unlocked, locks to be re-keyed and other routine services. Our customers also only depend on locksmith in Tucson if they are locked out of their cars or homes or other emergencies. Our locksmiths are trained to be adaptable to changes and to be able to work efficiently even under extreme pressure, that is why our customers trust our 24/7 locksmith services. You can reach us at (480) 420-0885. You are sure that we can get to you fast and solve your locksmith emergency promptly and efficiently. You will surely come back to us once you tried our expert service and customer care.

Key Factors in Choosing Your Locksmith

Cannot decide who among the locksmith in Tucson AZ companies should you hire? With vast options and apparently same mantras of locksmith companies, you are surely having a difficult time choosing among us.

High Quality and Very Competent Locksmith Services – Our locksmith services are commended even by our competitors. Behind our very competent locksmith services are even more competent and reliable professional locksmiths. Our locksmiths are well trained and skilled to solve any of your locksmith concerns.

Accessibility with Location – The question you should be asking yourself before you call for other locksmith emergency service is this, ‘Can they get to you fast or will be they be too late, making your locksmith problem already worse?’ We are situated right here in the heart of Meza making our location very strategic in responding to emergencies.

Real Low Prices – We are the kind of Locksmith Company that puts you first before our business. We are not so interested in having so much profit as long as you will be able to afford our great services.

Dependable 24/7 Assistance – When you call other locksmiths in the middle of the night, will they promptly answer? Locksmith Tucson Arizona is open and ready to be dispatched to your location, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can truly depend on us because we are open from morning until night and night until morning.

Your Complete Locksmith Company in Tucson

We are your complete locksmith in Tucson because we can be of service to you from residential to commercial and automotive locksmith concerns. Gone are the days that you have to go to different companies for you home, business and car security needs. Eliminate the hassle of multiple transactions and hire your expert locksmith today. For our full profile and detailed information of our services, you can visit our Services Page or call us at (480) 420-0885.

Homeowners and Business owners believe in us. Your homes and businesses can be burglar proof. You can surely sleep more soundly at night if you hire us as your home and business partner in security. Our services range from standard to emergency locksmith services. You can acquire our key duplication, key extraction, master keying, re-keying and lock repair services. You can even hire us for the installation, repair and maintenance of your door sliders, automatic doors, dead bolt, high security locks, CCTV cameras and monitoring, peep holes, key less security entry and security alarm.

Car owners believe in us.  You can now stop from torturing your bank account from paying your car dealer every time you have a security problem with your car. Hire your expert automotive locksmith now. Locksmith Tucson Arizona can rescue you from car lockout emergencies and can do key cutting, re-keying, ignition locks repair, coding of your key fob and transponder key, trunk lock repair and lockout, broken key in ignition and many more.

Even More Outstanding Locksmiths

Our locksmiths are the face of Ultra Lock and Key. Frankly, our locksmiths are our bread and butter. If our locksmiths succeed in giving expert locksmith services to our customers, we can expect more customers and long term relationships with our existing ones. But if our locksmiths fail, we also can expect the possibility of the company going down with them. This the reason why choosing our locksmiths is very crucial for us. But how do we really choose our locksmiths? For your security and protection, we always do a background check before we actually employ our locksmiths. You will be giving us access to your homes, businesses and cars. Hence, we should only send over the most trustworthy locksmiths to you. We provide continuous learning to our locksmiths through seminars and trainings so their expertise and knowledge will always be updated. We support then wholly by providing our locksmiths with complete and correct tools so we can work on almost any kid of locksmith problem. We only ask our locksmiths to recognize and uphold our values and goals as a locksmith company. We want our locksmith in Tucson AZ to have a genuine compassion for you, our loyal customers, and your needs. We always encourage them not only to be professional and work efficiently but also to be friendly and to foster a welcoming atmosphere especially during on-site emergency calls. For outstanding services brought to you by our even more outstanding locksmiths, call us at (480) 420-0885 and be one of our satisfied customers.