Judith Bullock
 “I could not find my car key anywhere. I remembered placing it in my bag when I went out of the car. I also remembered doing this while I was at the entrance of the restaurant where I would meet my friends. I went back to that spot and asked the help of the crew, but they did not find it as well. One crew member referred Ultra Lock And Key to me. He said that their technician can help me solve my problem because they perform car lockout and key replacement services. And I did. I was so happy I followed his referral because in only a few minutes, they were able to open my car and to make a new key. The cost was reasonable that I felt so blessed to have found them.”
Donald Moore

“The guys at Ultra Lock And Key were all amazing. They have extensive knowledge and skills about their work, particularly security systems, and the industry they belong in. The first time I hired them was when a burglar broke into our home and got all my expensive stuff. They upgraded the security system of our house and after that there was no more incidence of burglary. The second time was when we experienced home lockout. I lost the key to the front door. Without a spare key on hand, we were stuck in the garage. In only a few minutes, they came and open the door and replace our front door key. He even suggested for me to have a duplicate key – which I followed. Thanks to them”

Megan Garza

“Ultra Lock And Key is a great help to me. I could never imagine my life without them. I called them up to change all my locks in the office. My former employee, who used to manage all the keys, resigned. I did not want to think of bad things about him, but for security purposes, I decided to have every lock replaced. A technician went to the office and did an inspection. He showed me a wider selection of locking devices in the service van. I was surprised to see so many items to choose from. He guaranteed the durability of the products they carry thus I felt so assured of my business’ security. On the same day, he installed all new locks and I was very satisfied with the result.”

Joseph Williams
“I would like to share our story working with Ultra Lock And Key. We were really delighted with their service. I needed to install a new lock (magnetic lock with keypad access to be exact) for my condo unit because I needed to feel more secure of my place as I was living alone. The first one that I called was charging me too high so I made a few calls more, but all of them only added to my displeasure. A friend referred me to Ultra Lock And Key and I am so thankful to him because finally, I have found the locksmith that offers reasonable rates. I was able to continue on with my plan of installing a magnetic lock with keypad access to my front door. Now I feel more secure. Thanks to them!”